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Exterior Spaces


We specialize in creating functional outdoor living spaces that utilize form, texture, and spacial arrangement. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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Awarded Best of Houzz for Service in 2015

Proper design and layout creates spaces that are more functional, and utilizes  your existing outdoor space.  

We specialize in creating outdoor living spaces that utilize form, texture, spacial arrangement, and functionality.   

Plan-view Design

Seeing your site in plan-view aids in providing proper area measurements and helps identify the spacial relationship of the various elements.  Also, a plan-view allows one to implement the installation in stages.  

Color - Texture - Structure

By varying plant type, textures, color, and look,  we create spaces that provide year round interest.  

Visualize in 3-D

Visualize what your new landscape could look like with 3-D renderings.  This is a very valuable tool for those who have a hard time imagining what their outdoor space could look like.